Military vs Nigerian Newspapers: More publications confiscated as siege enters Day two

The clampdown by the Nigerian Military on Nigerian Newspapers has entered a second day, with more media houses falling under the sledge of the military’s hammer.
The development, which started yesterday, has affected no fewer than half a dozen national journals, including The Nation, Vanguard, Punch, Leadership Business Day, National Mirror, Newswatch and Complete Sports.
However, the Defence Headquarters yesterday denied any form of onslaught, saying its action followed “intelligence report(s) indicating movement of materials with grave security implications across the country, using the channel of newsprint-related consignments.”
On Saturday, soldiers on highways in Bayelsa, Oyo, Ondo, Edo, Delta, Rivers, Niger, Kogi, Kano, Kaduna, Plateau, Sokoto, Benue, Bauchi, Nasarawa states as well as the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), blocked circulation van drivers in route to deliver newspapers to agents and vendors.
The vehicles and contents were confiscated while drivers were arrested and their mobile phones seized.
Presently, several of the vehicles remained in the custody of the soldiers at their barracks, despite the fact that no incriminating material was found in any of them.
In an exclusive chat with DailyPost on Saturday, Lekan Otufodunrin, The Nation’s Managing Editor (Online), wondered what the press had done wrong.
“We don’t know what is happening. Our papers were seized yesterday in different parts of the country, it has continued today,” he said.
“We print in Lagos, Abuja and Port-Harcourt. Although there are no reports of seizure in Lagos, military operatives did no allow our consignment to leave Abuja and Port-Harcourt. They literally ambushed our vans.
“You are aware they have seized other papers too. But no one is saying anything. Do the authorities even remember that we are in a democracy?
On the loss of revenue the company has recorded, Otufodunrin replied: “I can tell you that it is high. A situation where half or so of consignment is confiscated, the financial implication is not that hard to imagine. So, no doubt about the fact that we’ve lost millions in the last 30 hours.”
When asked if The Nation will consider a legal option on the face-off: “A decision to seek legal redress lies entirely on the management (Vintage Press Limited). I cannot say anything on that for now,” the official said with a promise to keep DailyPost posted on any development.

Sources’ recount
At least 20 soldiers in seven Military Hilux vans stormed the Distribution Centre in Area 11, Abuja at about 5.30am, said a vendor.
“Immediately they came, they took strategic positions and the team leader addressed us on why none of the newspapers can be circulated.
“He said they were acting on sensitive security reports that some subversive elements had perfected plans to hijack the newspapers’ distribution chain to ferry explosives to wreak havoc.
“They were civil but they gave us stern instructions not to attempt to distribute our copies.”
Another source said it was raining when the armed soldiers came to his own centre.
“They then asked the first set of vendors, who arrived in the place, to sit on the floor. But later, they screened us one by one, searched our vehicles, collected our phones and asked us to converge on a corner.
“At about 8.30am, they asked us to vacate the distribution centre. We were not allowed to pick our copies.
“At about 9.40am, leader of the team told agents and vendors to go for proper identification on or before Monday to ascertain those who are in the business, saying only accredited persons will henceforth be allowed in and out of the centre.”
A source at the Effurun Barracks, Delta State, said troops claiming they were acting on orders from above stated that the confiscated copies could only be released by the authorities.
Soldiers also invaded the Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ) Press Centre in Benin, the Edo State capital to seize some Friday papers.
Yesterday, a team of plain clothes security operatives and troops reportedly laid siege to the The Nation’s office on Sakponba Road.
“I got here (Warri) at about 5:40am. They stopped me and said they had instruction from the Federal Government to stop all newspaper vehicles and make sure they are all searched for bombs,” Driver Uche Uka-George said.
“They stopped another newspaper vehicle, but they released that one. They said I should wait for bomb experts to come from Benin. I have been waiting since 5:40am till now (3pm). They have even seized the car key from me.”
The vehicle and driver were later released by the soldiers at 4:17pm, with no check carried out on the vehicle and no ‘bomb disposal experts’ from Benin.

Culled from DailyPost

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Read Sanusi Lamido Sanusi’s suspension letter

19th February, 2014


Mallam Sanusi Lamido Sanusi Governor,

Central Bank of Nigeria, Abuja.


1.    Following the Report of the Financial Reporting Council of Nigeria on the Audited Financial Statements of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) for the year ended 31st December 2012, and other related issues, I write to convey to you His Excellency, Mr. President’s decision that you be suspended from office as Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria with effect from Thursday 20th February 2014.

2.    The decision is predicated on the loss of confidence in your ability to lead the Apex Bank towards the achievement of its statutory mandate. Of particular concern is the fact that, under your watch, the bank has carried out its functions in a manner characterised by disregard for due process and accountability.

3.    This is exemplified by various acts of financial recklessness and unprofessional conduct which are inconsistent with the administration’s vision of a Central Bank propelled by the core values of focused economic management, prudence, transparency and financial discipline.

4.    The particulars of the infractions are highlighted below:

5.    Persistent Refusal and/or Negligence to comply with the Public Procurement Act in the Procurement Practices of the Central Bank of Nigeria

(a)    By virtue of Section 15(1) (a) of the Public Procurement Act, the provisions of the Act are expected to apply to all ‘procurement of goods, works and services carried out by the Federal Government of Nigeria and all procurement entities.’ The definition clearly includes the Central Bank of Nigeria.

(b)    It is however regrettable the Central Bank of Nigeria under your leadership, has refused and/or neglected to comply with the provisions of the Public Procurement (PPA). You will recall that one of the primary reasons for the enactment of the PPA was the need to promote transparency, competitiveness, cost effectiveness and professionalism in the public sector procurement system.

(c)    Available information indicates the Central Bank has over the years engaged in procurement of goods, works and services with billions of naira each year without complying with the express provisions of the PPA.

(d)    By deliberately refusing to be bound by the Provisions of the Act, the CBN has not only decided to act in an unlawful manner, but also persisted in promoting a governance regime characterised by financial recklessness, waste and impunity, as demonstrated by the contents of the 2012 Financial Statements.

6.  No responsible government will tolerate this blatant      disregard for its laws and procedures by any person or institution. The Central Bank, by its unique position, ought to show good example and be the leading light in the promotion of the culture of observance of due process.

7. Unlawful Expenditure by the Central Bank of Nigeria on ‘Intervention Projects’ across the country
(a) The unacceptable level of financial recklessness displayed by the leadership of the Central Bank of Nigeria is typified by the execution of ‘Intervention Projects’ across the country. From available information, the Bank has either executed or is currently executing about 63 (sixty-three) such projects across the country. Please find attached hereto as Annexure I, a letter dated January 7th, 2014 from the CBN confirming the list of projects across the country to which the CBN has committed N163 Billion (One Hundred and Sixty Billion Naira).

(b) It is inexcusable and patently unlawful for any agency of Government to deploy huge sums of money as the CBN has done in this case, without appropriation and outside the CBN’s statutory mandate. It is trite that the expenditure of public funds by any arm of government must be based on clear legal mandates, prudent costing and overriding national interest.

(c) Cognisant of the attendant negative consequence of the CBN’s action, a review of the Central Bank (Establishment) Act 2007 does not disclose any legal basis for the huge expenditure on intervention projects in default of appropriation.

8. Financial Infractions and Acts of Financial Recklessness Committed by the Central Bank as reflected in its Audited Financial Statements for 2012.

(a) Pursuant to Section 50 of the CBN Act 2007, a copy of the Audited Financial Statement of the Central Bank for the year ended 31st December 2012 was sent to Mr. President (Please, find a copy attached hereto as Annexure II). Based on the issues raised in the financial statement, a response was requested from Sanusi to enable a proper appreciation of the nation’s economic outlook. (Please, find attached a copy of the letter dated 4th May, 2013 as Annexure III).

(b)  Your response to this query (Annexure IV) was further referred to the Financial Reporting Council by a letter of 12th April, 2013, for review (Annexure V).
The review of the Financial Reporting Council of Nigeria, rather than allay the fears of Government, further confirmed concern about the untidy manner in which you have conducted the operations of the CBN (Annexure VI).

9. Some of the salient observations arising from the review are highlighted below:
(a)    In a most ironical manner, it has become obvious that the CBN is not able to prepare its financial statements using applicable International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) whereas Deposit Money Banks that the CBN is supervising have complied with this national requirement since 2012. Undoubtedly, this laxity on the part of our apex bank, apart from calling to question its capacity for proper corporate governance, is capable of sending wrong signals to both domestic and international investors on the state of the Nigerian economy.

(b)    The provisions of the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed by the CBN and other Deposit Money Banks (DMBs) on Banking Resolution Sinking Fund have been breached in a material manner. For example, a Board of Trustees (BOT) to manage the Fund has not been constituted since 2010 when it was established. The CBN has however continued to utilise the Fund for certain operations without the approval of the said BOT.

(c)    Contrary to Section 34(b) of the CBN Act 2007 which provides that the CBN shall not, except as provided in Section 31 of the Act, inter alia, purchase the shares of any corporation or company, unless an entity set up by the approval of the authority of the Federal Government, CBN in 2010, acquired 7% shares of International Islamic Liquidity Management Corporation of Malaysia to the tune of N0.743 Billion. This transaction was neither brought to Mr. President’s attention nor was a Board approval obtained before it was entered into.

(d) The CBN has failed or refused to implement the provisions of the Personal Income Tax (Amendment) Act 2007. Accordingly the Pay-As-You-Earn (PAYE) deductions of its staff are still being computed in accordance with the defunct Personal Income Tax Act 2004, thus effectively assisting its staff to evade tax, despite the generous wage package in the CBN, relative to other sectors of the economy.

(e) The CBN had an additional brought forward to General Reserve Fund of N16.031 Billion in 2012 but proceeded on a voyage of indefensible expenses in 2012 characterised by inexplicable increases in some heads of expenditure during the year. Examples include:
(i) The bank spent N3.086 Billion ‘promotional activities’ in 2012 (up from N1.084 Billion in 2011). The bank spent this sum even when it is not in competition with any other institution in Nigeria;

(ii) The CBN claimed to have expended N20.202 Billion on ‘Legal and Professional Fees’ in 2011, beyond all reasonable standards of prudence and accountability;(iii) Between expenses on ‘Private Guards’ and ‘Lunch for Policemen’, the CBN claimed to have spent N1.257 Billion in 2012;

(iv) While Section 6(3) (c) of the CBN Act 2007 provides that the Board of the CBN is to make recommendations to Mr. President on the rate of remuneration to Auditors, the Bank has consistently observed this provision in the breach and even went to the extent of changing one of its Joint External Auditors without notifying the office of the President.

(f) In the explanations offered by the CBN pursuant to Presidential directives, it offered a breakdown of ‘Currency Issue Expenses’ for 2011 and 2012. Interestingly, it claimed to have paid a total of N38.233 Billion to the Nigerian Security Printing and Minting Company Limited (NSPMC) in 2011 for Printing of Banknotes’. Paradoxically however, in the same 2011, NSPMC reported a total turnover of N29.370 Billion for all its transaction with all clients (including the CBN)

(g) It is significant to note that the external audit revealed balances of sundry foreign currencies without physical stock of foreign currencies in the CBN Head Office.

10. Questionable write-off of N40 billion naira loans of bank
You may wish to specifically not Annexure VII which highlights a number of transactions and breaches, which include the write-off of loans totalling N40 billion

11. The above issues are only few of the infractions highlighted by the review and which point to the gross incompetence and recklessness which characterised the operations of the CBN in the period under review.

12. In light of the foregoing, and pursuant to the provisions of Section 7 (2) (a), Section 8 (1) (k), Section 62 (1) (c) and 62 (3) of Financial Reporting council of Nigeria Act, a copy of this letter is being forwarded to the Executive Secretary of the Council for his notification and further necessary action with a view to addressing the urgent need to reposition the bank for the effective discharge of its statutory mandate.

13. You are, by this letter, directed to hand over to most senior Deputy Governor, Dr. Sarah Alade who will act as Governor till the conclusion of the investigation into these far reaching breaches.

Please accept, as always, the assurances of my highest regards and esteem.

Anyim Pius Anyim, GCON
Secretary to the Government of the Federation

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train grounds lovers having on railway

Train Smashes Ukrainian Couple Having Se’x On Its Track – Woman Killed, Man Loses Legs

**Even on a train’s track?

A thrill-seeking Ukrainian couple met a tragic end after they stopped on their way home to have sex on a train tracks and were hit by a train.
According to Ukrainian Interior Ministry, which announced the Saturday morning accident, the couple ‘wanted to experience an extreme sensation near the railroad tracks.
They were returning home from a party at a friend’s house when they decided to stop on the tracks. Reports say they were drunk at the time, so they failed to overcome their natural passion when walking home.’
Unfortunately, the ’30-something’ woman was killed by the train while her 41-year-old male companion lost both legs, but survived to tell the story.

Confirmed: 40 students killed in Yobe attack, not 22

Authorities confirm 40 killed in Yobe College attack, as governor, deputy weep

The Medical Director, Damaturu Specialist Hospital, Dr Garba Fika, has confirmed that 40 students of the College of Agriculture, Gujba, Yobe, were  killed by gunmen in the early hours of Sunday.
Mr. Garba said this when Gov. Ibrahim Gaidam of Yobe visited the hospital to inspect the wounded and the corpses of students deposited at the mortuary.
He said that five students including three with fractures, one with bullet wound and other with abdominal injury were receiving treatment at the hospital.
The governor, who spoke in tears, urged security operatives to intensify aerial surveillance of the area.
The state deputy governor, Abubakar Aliyu, the Provost of the College Mulima Mato, and other dignitaries also shed tears at the mortuary when they saw the corpses of the students.
The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) recalls that schools in Yobe re-opened 13 days ago after 10 weeks of forced closure following attacks targeted on schools.
The attacks resulted in the death of 29 students and three teachers.
In June this year, seven students and two teachers were killed at Government Secondary School Damaturu.
In July, 22 students and two teachers were killed at Government Secondary School Mamudo.
As the government makes arrangement for the burial of the slain students, parents were seen in groups discussing the fate of their children in view of the serial attacks on schools in the state
Speaking in an interview with the NAN, a parent who requested anonymity said that he and other parents were scared of sending their children and wards to school.
“We are shocked, saddened and scared of sending our wards back to school with these ugly incidents of attack on schools in Damaturu, Mamudo and now, Gujba,” he said.

Fashola apologises to Igbos for alleged deportation saga

.Jonathan, Kuka, Ihedioha, others celebrate Aka Ikenga at 25
By Precious Igbonwelundu
Lagos Governor Babatunde Fashola yesterday offered an unreserved apology for the misunderstanding generated by the alleged deportation of some destitutes to Onitsha, Anambra State.
The state government was accused to have dumped 70 beggars at Onitsha bridge on July 24, a situation that generated public outcry and bad blood. The government had said it relocated 14 destitutes after rehabilitating them and in line with the state but the explanations, it seemed did not appease aggrieved Igbos, who felt they were being badly treated and hated
Fashola who spoke at the silver jubilee of the Igbo socio-cultural think tank, Aka. Ikenga held at the Nigerian Institute of International Affairs, NIIA, insisted he has no problems with the Igbos.
He noted that the largest herds of cattles he received when his father passed on was from the Igbos.
At the event were Secretary to the Government of the Federation, Pius Ayim who represented President Goodluck Jonathan; House of Representatives Deputy Speaker, Chief Emeka Ihedioha; Catholic Bishop, Mathew Kuka; former Minister, Gen. Ike Nwachukwu; President Aka Ikenga, Goddy Uwazurike; former ambassador Chief George Obiozor and President of Ohaneze Ndigbo, Gary Enwo-Igariwey.
Others include former President Aka Ikenga, Chief Chris Asodoka; Director, Lagos Business School, Prof. Pat Utomi; former minister, Captain Emma Iheanacho; Nollywood artistst, Onyeka Onwenu and Kanayo O. Kanayo.
Fashola said: “I came here to say to say thank you for the honour done to my family and the memory of my late father.
“People who clearly do not understand the actions taken and words spoken are those I owe an explanation. I cannot take the Igbos for granted because we have built a relationship based on tolerance, mutual respect, love and trust. That relationship was built by our ancestors and I put a lot of value in that relationship.
“I offer an unqualified and unreserved apology if the actions taken have been misunderstood.
“But I think the basic issue Aka Ikenga must address is why people feel compelled to immigrate from one part of the country to the other? Is it the case that some lack the resources to develop or perhaps some parts are endowed with enormous resources but not adequately managed?
“How can development be so difficult from the zone that has produced people like Nnamdi Azikiwe, Alex Ekwueme, Ike Nwachukwu, among others?
“As political storm gathers, there are contact spots but like in football, contact spots have rules. Those who are victims of our shortcomings as professionals in and out of government should not be pounced.
“A day like this calls for deep reflection about issues of our loyalties. Are we more Igbo than Nigeria or we are more Nigeria than Igbo?”
Fashola called on residents in the state to embrace Residence Registration Scheme, RRS, to enable the government meets its obligation to them.
Jonathan in his goodwill message, stated that Aka Ikenga has successfully served as an interface between the Igbo nation and the rest of Nigeria in the past 25 years, adding that the group has emerged as one of the most respected and articulate socio-cultural think tank in the country.
He urged Aka Ikenga to make serious recommendations to the government on how to resolve the issues discussed.
The President disclosed that the goal of his administration is to foster national unity, deepen democracy and democratic culture to enthrone national peace and social rights, just as he urged Nigerians to be civil and engage each other with decorum.
In his lecture themed “Nigeria: the challenge of democracy”, Kuka noted that stereotyping, exclusion and lack of compromise remains major challenges to the nation’s democracy.
Kuka lamented that the nation progresses in reverse, stressing the need to “manage our diversities for common good.”
He said democracy can only be sustained if there are considerations for all to achieve their destinies.
Kuka said democracy should be measure with indices such as security, quality of rule of law, political and human rights, among others.
He noted that the academic community are the most disenfranchised group in the country, adding “no country ignores education and grows.
“Nigeria is a great country hurting badly. Governance is no longer subjected to the wills and caprice of good people. We are not looking for good people to govern us but we should use indices to scientifically measure the progress of democracy. We returned to democracy so that the frontiers of governance can be expanded.”
Ihedioha urged the Igbo nation to set milestones and road maps on how to rebuild the south east, stating that the zone was in dire need of infrastructural development.
To Igariwey, the Igbos resident outside the south-eastern states should think of investing back home to create jobs for the youth and curb migration.
In his welcome address, Uwazurike said Aka Ikenga has over the years, devoted resources in the pursuit of good
“We have our members who must fall into one or more of these groups-deep thinkers, details men, philanthropists, foresight and execution people. We have no room for hangers on, laggards and opportunists.

bag of Jewels discovered in glacier

CNN – It reads like the opening scene of an “Indiana Jones” movie.

A young man climbing a French glacier finds a cache of glittering jewels wrapped in bags stamped “Made in India” — remnants, perhaps, of cargo from an ill-fated airliner called the Malabar Princess.
The best thing about it? This story is true.
It happened early this month on a glacier overlooking the southeastern French village of Chamonix, Albertville police Chief Sylvain Merly said Thursday.
The climber — who Merly said asked to remain anonymous — found the jewels inside a metal box atop the glacier. He turned them over to police in Bourg-Saint-Maurice on September 9.
Merly declined to characterize the stones, which are being described in French media as rubies, sapphires and emeralds. They’re worth somewhere between €130,000 (about $175,000) and €246,000 ($331,600), Merly said.
French authorities are trying to trace ownership of the jewels. If proof of ownership can’t be established, the unnamed 20-something mountaineer could stand to receive a portion of their value, Merly said.

TrowelBlazers: In search of the female Indiana Jones
The gems may be from the 1950 crash of Air India Flight 245, the “Malabar Princess.” The plane smashed into nearby Mont Blanc during a storm, killing all 48 aboard. When it crashed, the plane was preparing to make a stop in Geneva, Switzerland, as it flew between Bombay — now Mumbai — and London.
French authorities say it’s also possible the gems could have been aboard an Air India Boeing 707, the “Kanchenjunga,” that crashed in nearly the same spot 16 years later. A diplomatic bag from that flight was recovered last year.
CNN’s Michael Pearson reported and wrote from Atlanta; Saskya Vandoorne reported from London.

26 year-old who stole DVD player and raped a teenaged girl at gun point to die by hanging

A Delta State High Court, Warri has sentenced a 26 year-old to death by hanging for robbing a couple at gunpoint and raping their teenage daughter.
Chijioke Ede, a furniture maker and Enugu State indigen, was arraigned on a three-count charge of conspiracy to commit armed robbery, armed robbery and rape before Justice Marshall Mukoro.
He was found guilty on all the charges and sentenced to death for conspiracy and armed robbery, while he got life imprisonment on the charge of rape.
Prosecution from Delta State Ministry of Justice had told the court that Ede with another person still at large, on or about October 12, 2009, at Okoro Street, Warri, off Marine Gate, within the Warri Judicial Division, robbed his victims of a DVD player, a laptop computer, cash, jewelries and other valuables at gunpoint and also raped their teenage daughter.
The convict was arrested by the vigilante group in the area as his gang made to escape with their loot.
Mukoro held: “With the avalanche of facts and evidences before this court, for the accused to say he was not involved in the crime is laughable and an afterthought.
“For the court to hold the evidence of the accused will amount to denial of justice, thereby bringing the bar and the bench to disrepute.
“I hereby uphold the evidence of prosecution as all the ingredients of the offence have been proved beyond reasonable doubt and sentence the accused to death by hanging on count one and two.”

Boko Haram’s Abubakar Shekau alive? He claims responsibility of Tuesday’s attack on a video posted today

Nigeria: Shekau Appears in New Video, Says ‘I Am Alive’
Leader of the Jama’atu Ahlis Sunnah Lidda’awati Wal Jihad, also known as Boko Haram, Abubakar Shekau, today said the Nigerian Military should bury itself in shame because he is alive.
Shekau also claimed responsibility of Tuesday, 17th September, 2013 attacks in Benisheik, Borno State where over 160 people were either shot dead or slaughtered and hundreds of houses burnt.
The then Joint Task Force (JTF) spokesman in Borno State, Lt Col Sagir Musa, had issued a statement on 19th August, 2013 to the effect that “Intelligence report available to the Joint Task Force (JTF) Operation Restore Order revealed that Abubakar Shekau, the most dreaded and wanted terrorists leader may have died. He died of gunshots wounds received in an encounter with the JTF in one of their camps in Sambisa Forest on 30th June, 2013.
“Shekau was mortally wounded in the encounter and was sneaked into Amitchide-a border community in Cameroon for treatment from which he never recovered,” the JTF statement said.
But in the latest video, Shekau who appeared in military camouflage uniform, seated and surrounded by hooded insurgents said “Here I am, alive, hale and hearty. Sagir Musa should bury himself in shame, President Jonathan (of Nigeria) should bury himself in shame, President Obama (of United States of America) should bury himself in shame, and President Francois Hollande (of France) should bury himself in shame, Queen Elizabeth (of England) should bury herself in shame,” he said.
According to Shekau, “They said I am dead, but here I am. The world should know that I am alive and will only die at the appointed time. Everybody should be judged according to the dictates of his conscience. What I am doing is written in the Holy Qur’an and the Hadith and I will not stop. I challenge all the clerics of the world to question my deeds. Those underrating my capacity should have a re-think. I will never allow democracy to thrive.
“The concept of Government of the people by the people for the people will never be possible and will never exist. Democracy shall be replaced only by the government of Allah, from Allah and for Allah,” he said.
He said the Nigerian military will never subdue his group. “Nigerian soldiers are late. After killing many of them in Monguno and Benisheik, we have snatched their armoured carriers and Hilux van and then hoisted Islamic flags on them. We now move freely with them,” he said.
Culled from Daily Trust

44-year-old lawyer hangs self in his office

A 44-year-old lawyer, Kofi Yawson-Adjei, committed suicide by hanging himself. According to, Yawson-Adjei, who is the Secretary of the Ghana Institution of Surveyors (GIS) and valuers, hanged himself in his private office on the first floor of a rented premises at Adabraka.
The father of three is said to have left his Kokomlemle residence about 3 a.m. for his office (in a taxi), where the incident took place.
He left a written note directing a lady named Narh to give a signed cheque for GH¢3,000 to his wife.
The elder sister of the deceased would not allow members of the media to enter the office where the deceased was found hanging.
A picture captured on a mobile phone, however, showed the deceased wearing a white T-shirt and a red boxer’s shorts and hanging from the ceiling with a rope around his neck.
A source told the Daily Graphic that his wife had called to inform Yawson-Adjei’s elder sister that her brother had left home at dawn and was nowhere to be found. “It was when the sister dashed here around 6 a.m. that she discovered his body hanging,” the source said.
A neighbour who pleaded anonymity said he had seen the deceased arrive at the office at about 4 a.m. in a taxi.
“He was in the car for about 10 minutes and then later got out and went to his office. He was in T-shirt and boxer’s shorts,” the neighbour said.

Drama as housewfie is caught making love with Okadaman in Imo

A mild drama played out in Orlu, Imo State, when a commercial motorcyclist, a father of two (names withheld), was caught pants down making love to a married woman in a lonely bush.
While the 45-year-old housewife was making a case of rape against the randy motorcyclist, the 30-year-old man insisted that the woman was his concubine.
Giving account of what transpired to the police, the woman said she engaged the motorcyclist at Orlu to take her to her matrimonial home at Obibi-Ochasi.
She said when they got to a solitary area along the route, the man stopped ostensibly to ease himself.
She further told the police that while she was waiting for him to finish easing himself, the man emerged and started asking that they sleep together, adding that when she refused the amorous advance, the man grabbed her and forcefully lifted her into the bush.
The woman equally claimed that the rapist tore her inner wears to shreds, over-powered and raped her.
In his defence, the man claimed that the woman had been his concubine for years, adding that he had previously had fun with her at different times and places, including the spot where they were caught in the act.
He also claimed that he called the woman on her mobile line and asked her to meet him at the agreed spot in Orlu.
The man also claimed that when they got to the bush, the woman stripped herself naked, spread her wrapper on the ground and laid down before he started the act.
The randy motorcyclist, however, agreed that along the line there was a minor misunderstanding on the amount he should pay after they had satisfied themselves.
While the man claimed that the woman was asking for N500 for the service, he offered N200, which he said was the only money on him at the time.
Culled from Vanguard

Catholic Priest remanded for alleged assault

An Enugu Magistrate’s court, yesterday remanded a Catholic priest in prison custody over alleged attack on policemen investigating issues arising from the crisis in his parish in Enugu State.
Arraigned alongside three other parishioners, the priest was charged with assault and unlawful attempt to kill one Inspector Cosmos Nzeribe and a team of police officers attached to police headquarters, Enugu.
Hundreds of the priest’s supporters besieged the court wearing long faces, as he was being taken to the prison.
He was said to be having a running battle with the Bishop of Awgu Catholic Diocese.
Presiding Magistrate, E.M. Egumgbe, remanded the suspects in prison custody, saying their bail application can only be granted by a high court.
Speaking to newsmen after the court session, counsel to the priest, Ray Nnaji said that his client was sent to prison on trumped up charges.
Nnaji said the policemen beat up the priest after stripping him unclad and detained him.
He said: “I have been following this matter for some time.
“We know quite well that beating up the police is condemnable, though the priest has said he has no business with beating the police and did not tell anyone to beat the police.”

Lekki Free Trade boss: community leaders say police killed Disu

The death of the Managing Director, Lekki Free Trade Zone, Alhaji Tajudeen Disu was caused by police bullet, leaders of Okunraye community have claimed
This claim was contained in an affidavit in support of a Fundamental rights suit filed before a Lagos High Court against the police, Directorate of State Security (DSS) and Dangote group.
The leaders who condemned the detention of their community members, alleged that contrary to reports on the incident that occurred on October 12, it was stray bullet from the mobile policemen that hit Disu from behind and killed him instantly.
In the suit filed before Justice Raliatu Adebiyi, brought under Chapter 4 of the 1999 Constitution and Articles 23(1)(4)(5)(6) (7), 12 (1) and 14 of the African Charter on Human and Peoples’ Right (Ratification and Enforcement) Act, 2004, one Alhaji Surajudeen  Salami, who deposed to the affidavit recalled that the Lagos State Government, sometimes in 2007, forcefully acquired their land from them.
Joined as plaintiffs in the suit with Salami are Jubriala Balogun, Akibu Razak, Baale Yesiru Amusa (suing for themselves and on behalf of the people of Okunraye Town).
Meanwhile the community also sued the Inspector General of Police, Lagos Police Commissioner, Special Anti-robbery Squad (SARS), the Nigerian Army and Ibeju Lekki Local Government.    
Salami said the people of Okunraye had their homes and native buildings on the land, which was also their source of livelihood.
According to him, Disu was killed on a day the community leaders were to meet with Dangote Group, to discuss issues pertaining job provision for eligible community youths in the massive project the company was erecting on their land.
Salami said they had made several attempts to discuss with Dangote management but to no avail, adding that the development forced the youths to barricade the entrance into the project site of Dangote in an attempt to compel the company to discuss with the community.
At about 9am, Salami said he was informed that a large group of mobile policemen had surrounded the entrance to the project and were burning down the barricade as well as other obstruction.
He recalled that the policemen stormed the community on the fateful day and started releasing tear-gas and shooting in the air, adding that at the time the shooting was on-going, the Divisional Police Office in charge of the area was at the palace of the Baale of Okunraye to discuss on how the issue could be resolved.
At that point, Salami said: “Some members then rushed to the Baale’s House to inform him of a mayhem on-going outside and how the policemen had burnt down the barricade.  The DPO left Baale’s House to go and confirm the report.
“When I got there, I met the Managing Director of Lekki Free Trade Zone (LFTZ) Limited, Mr Tajudeen Disu; Alhaji Jegede, Chairman of Resettlement Committee, and the Baale of Igiye Community.
“When we were imploring Disu, Alhaji Jegede and the Baale of Igiye Community to stop policemen from shooting because the members of Okunraye Community did not want to fight and only wanted to discuss with Dangote management, the police refused to stop shooting and then a stray bullet hit Mr Disu from behind and he died instantly.”
He said the bullet also hit a young woman from the community and she sustained injury on the arm.
Salami, who said he saw the policeman that pulled the trigger that killed Disu, alleged that the policemen stop shooting when they realised that a stray bullet had killed Disu.
He added that himself and others left the scene immediately to take the injured woman to the hospital, and that by the time they came back, the remains of Disu had been removed from the scene.
In the suit, the plaintiffs want an order directing the respondents to release them unconditionally from custody; an order declaring their arrest and continuous detention as wrongful and a sharp contravention of their fundamental human rights, as well as a declaration that the invasion of their community on October 12, 2015 and their subsequent arrests constituted a threat to life, freedom, private and family life.
They also want a perpetual injunction restraining the defendants from arresting, detaining, harassing, invading Okunraye community or otherwise violating their fundamental human rights.
When the matter came up before Justice Adebiyi on Tuesday, the applicants’ lawyer, Akinlabi Apara informed the court of an ex-parte application and other processes filed in the suit, but the judge said she she would not take any hasty decision in the matter without studying the file.
She said the matter was just brought to her knowledge and that she needed time to understand the issues involved and adjourned to October 21.

Cleaner held for alleged N5.2 million theft

A 25-year-old cleaner, Onasanya Opeoluwa was on Tuesday arraigned before a Lagos Magistrates’ Court, Igbosere, for alleged theft of N 5.2million from his employer.
He is standing trial on two counts of conspiracy and stealing under Sections 409 and 285 of the Criminal Laws of Lagos, 2011.
Prosecuting Sergeant Oladejo Balogun told the court that the defendant and others at large committed the alleged offence on October 8, at about 1pm, at 9, Olusegun Aina street, Parkview Estate Ikoyi.
Balogun said that the defendant stole two Wrist watches valued $15,000 USD and $1,200.
He also alleged that the defendant stole two Diamond rings worth eight thousand dollars, as well as shoes, clothes valued N600,000 all belonging to one Prince Adekunle Adeyeba. 
“The defendant was employed as a cleaner by the complainant and had only been employed for two months.
“During Sallah celebration he took leave to enable him celebrate Sallah with his family. It was while he was there that the complaint discovered that the defendant had stolen from him.
“Meanwhile the defendant had decided not to come back to the place after the celebration,” said Balogun.
But the defendant pleaded not guilty to the charges against him.
He was granted bail by presiding Magistrate, H.O.A. Amos in N500,000 with two sureties in like sum.
The case was adjourned till November 24, for mention.

Kidnapped Lagos businessman regains freedom

After several weeks in kidnappers’ den, a Lagos businessman, James Uduji was on Tuesday morning, freed by his abductors.
Uduji, chairman, Comestar Company was kidnapped in the Festac area of the state with $1million (about N250million) ransom demanded for his freedom.
The kidnappers were said to have laid ambush for Uduji along 72 road junction, Seventh avenue at a bad spot on the road where they whisked him away.
It was learnt that despite his family paying N100 million, his abductors refused to free him, insisting that the balance N150 million must be paid or he will be killed.
It could not confirm if the family eventually paid the N50 million demanded.
When contacted, the state command’s spokesman, Joseph Offor, a DSP, confirmed the release.
He however disclosed that the police played no role in it, adding that the force was only informed by the family that Uduji has regained freedom.
Offor said he does not have the details on the issue, adding that he was nor in the know if ransom was paid.

Killer cop denied bail, remanded in prison custody

A Lagos Magistrates’ Court, Ebute Meta on Monday remanded in prison custody, dismissed police Corporal, Aremu Museliu, who allegedly killed a nursing mother.
Museliu was dismissed on September 17 by the police high command after he allegedly shot at a tricycle conveying Godwin Ekpo and his family around Isheri-Osun, for refusing to part with N100 bribe.
The bullet which injured Ekpo, who was riding the tricycle, allegedly killed his wife, Comfort Godwin on the spot.
Museliu was subsequently arraigned for murder and grievous harm on september 18, and was remanded in State Criminal Investigation Department (SCID) custody in Panti, Yaba.
He was allwged to have shot his victims with his official rifle, AK 47, at Ijegun, at about 8pm, an offence punishable under Sections 221 and 243 of the Criminal Laws of Lagos, 2011.
At the resumed hearing before Magistrate Afolashade Botoku prosecuting Godwin Osuyi kicked against the bail application filed by Museliu’s lawyer.
Delivering her ruling,  the Magistrate turned down the bail application and ordered that Museliu be remanded in Prison Custody pending.
She ruled that the case file be duplicated and sent to the Director,  Public Prosecution (DPP) for legal advice and adjourned the case till November 25.
Meanwhile,  Dr. Joe Odumakin led Women Arise for Change to the court premises to demand justice for Comfort and her family.
Voice of the Masses recalled that Odumakin on October 1, organised a birthday party for the child who was being cuddled by his mother when the bullet hit her, splashing her blood all over him.
Although she did not live to witness her son’s first birthday,  Odumakin and her crew ensured the baby had a memorable celebration, tagged “birthday for justice.”


Falae: police arrest suspected kidnappers

Following the abduction and later release of former Secretary to the Government of the Federation SGF, Chief Olu Falae, by kidnappers, the police have arrested six suspected members of the gang who abducted the chieftain.
Vanguard gathered that the suspects were arrested in Ondo, Ekiti and Niger states respectively.
Although details as to how the suspects were arrested is yet to come in, the suspects were alleged to have been arrested following a tip off on their identities as being members of the gang who abducted the Afenifere chief.
More soon….
However, recall that barely two weeks after some fulani herdsmen attacked and kidnapped the former Secretary to the Government of the Federation SGF, Chief Olu Falae, some herdsmen have again destroyed the same  farmland.
Source: Vanguard