Tricycle, motorcycle operators endorse Jonathan

Tricycle, motorcycle operators endorse Jonathan
The National Commercial Tricycle and Motorcycle Owners’ and Riders Association, (NACTOMORAS), has said it will mobilise ten million votes for President Goodluck Jonathan during the March 28 presidential election.
Its President Alhaji Sani Hassan in a statement made available yesterday said their endorsing the President was a show of appreciation for “all the good things he has done for them”.
Hassan, who said his members engaged in a solidarity march for Jonathan across Abuja, described the President as the father of tricycle operators.
According to Alhaji Hassan: “We have over 9 million members that we are controlling in the country. Apart from that, we also have people we are partnering with our transport sector like dealers, importers and the spare parts sellers and those that are selling food to our members.
“Our mother-in-laws and our fathers-in-law, all of them are going to team up with the association and vote massively when the presidential election comes on March 28 for President Goodluck Jonathan.
“By the grace of God, we are going to mobilize nothing less than ten million votes for him.
“The President and the Commander-in-Chief is our very good friend and he is the father of the keke (tricycle) operators. He has done so many good things for the keke and okada riders in Nigeria and he has many more things to do for us.
“It is a good thing to show appreciation when somebody has done something good for you, so that in return he would have feelings that you have showed appreciation.
“The keke operators were having problem here and there before now and the President assisted us with some number of keke that we distributed to all the states of the federation and that served as a big relief to all our members.
“In most of the States, many of our members have been banned from operating and this made many of them to be off the roads. But the President has helped us to come back to the roads again. For, this we really have to show appreciation to him”, he said.



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