Obanikoro to Agbaje: Don’t defend the indefensible

Obanikoro to Agbaje: Don’t defend the indefensible
.Former minister accuses Agbaje of falsehood

Former Minister of State for Defence and Lagos State PDP gubernatorial aspirant Senator Musiliu Obanikoro has cautioned Jimi Agbaje over what he described as Agbaje’s desperation to defend the immoral and unethical outcome of Monday’s PDP Lagos gubernatorial primaries.
Reacting to claims by Agbaje in a statement issued by his spokesman, Felix Oboagwina alleging that all governorship aspirants on the PDP platform in the state were privy to the excess votes which tainted the gubernatorial elections where 806 delegates produced 863 votes, Obanikoro insisted that he had protested when the flaw was discovered.
Signed by his Special Adviser, Media and Strategy, Ohimai Amaize, the former minister said: “Jimi Agbaje should not in desperation to defend Monday’s immoral and unethical show of shame further tarnish his reputation and build his campaign on the altar of blatant falsehood.
“The claim by Agbaje’s spokesman, Felix Oboagwina that Senator Obanikoro and other PDP gubernatorial aspirants were in agreement over the excess votes is not only malicious but dishonest, shameful and unbecoming of a man who seeks to occupy the highest office in Lagos State.
“At the beginning of the electoral process that fateful Monday, Senator Seidu Kumo, the Chairman of the Electoral Committee announced loud and clear as stipulated by the PDP Electoral Guidelines that only 806 delegates were accredited to vote with the number of ballots issued standing at 848. According to him, the breakdown was as follows: 667 (Ad Hoc Delegates) and 139 (Statutory Delegates) all totaling 806 delegates. Pray, from where did Agbaje’s 57 extra votes emerge?
“It is on record that Senator Obanikoro raised an objection when after 806 delegates were accredited, votes were cast and delegates had left the voting arena, Rahman Owokoniran, the Director General of the Jimi Agbaje Campaign Organisation came into the venue demanding to vote. Senator Obanikoro’s objection was dismissed by the Chairman of the Electoral Panel who from unfolding events, was acting a Jimi Agbaje, Bode George and Senator Ogunlewe script. It is also on record that Senator Obanikoro and other aspirants kicked against the outcome of the primaries the moment it became clear that there were more ballots cast than the number of accredited delegates. Their objections were disregarded. If Agbaje’s memory fails him, video evidences and news reports by news reporters who covered the primaries, are awash in the media to bring him back to the reality of an honorable quest for the office of Lagos State Governor.
“For the records, there was never any agreement between Senator Obanikoro and any aspirant or anyone whosoever to accommodate any excess votes. If at all there was any agreement on the day of the primaries, it was an agreement between Bode George and Jimi Agbaje to compromise the outcome of the elections in collusion with the ChMajor-Gene
Earlier, Obanikoro had lambasted Chief Olabode George for calling for peace in the party stating that the former NPA boss lacks the capacity to do so.
‎Obanikoro was responding to George’s call for peace following commotion that has engulfed the state chapter after Monday’s governorship primary election.
In a statement issued on Wednesday, Obanikoro accused George of orchestrating the violence that marred the primaries, describing his call for peace as hypocritical.
According to Senator Obanikoro: “Chief Bode George has no capacity for peace and unity in Lagos PDP when he is the major architect of violence and confusion in the first place.
“His call for peace is a desperate attempt to get the attention of President Jonathan to take him seriously as a responsible leader of Lagos PDP. Unfortunately, Bode George is a man far from anything responsible, peaceful or honourable.
“His introduction of religious bias and sentiment into Lagos PDP by asking delegates to vote for a Christian, instead of a Muslim candidate, is dangerous for the peaceful cohesion of Lagos PDP and totally condemnable.
“I warned Chief Bode George to steer clear of the electoral process and stand as an unbiased umpire but he opted for the path of dishonor and threw himself into the ring. The result is the sham of gubernatorial primaries that has subjected our party in Lagos State to an unprecedented public ridicule.‎
“Where is Chief Bode George’s honor if after manipulating an election where 806 delegates produced 863 votes, he is calling for peace and unity?” Obanikoro queried.



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