Nollywood sweetheart, Collette Orji donate stationery to school children

Nollywood sweetheart, Collette Orji donate stationery to school children

As a way of giving back to the society, Nollywood actress and Chief Executive of Coco House, Collette Orji, is set to donate stationery to school children in her home town Ufoma in Anambra State.
The star actress, who spent her yuletide in the United States of America, said she chose Ufoma to do the donations of school materials because she has carried out other charity activities in Enugu and Abuja, both her residence.
“Besides, most kids in rural communities do not attend schools because their parents can barely afford school fees, talk more of writing materials. So, I believe donating the stationery in a village will have more impact and touch the lives of the kids.
“I am an advocate of sound education and I strongly believe that every child deserves quality education.
“Whatever I have done before or will do in the future is just my little way of thanking God for his faithfulness and also remembering that not all Nigerians are as privileged as I am.
“It is only normal, to look behind at those who cannot afford certain things and put smiles on their faces if one is in the position to do so. That I am Collette Orji today, is not by my power, and so, I always remind myself that I owe a duty to me, God and the society, to always give back,” she said.
The talented actress in August 2013 (her birthday), organised a health seminar and diagnosis for widows in Enugu, where drugs and food items were shared to participants.
Also, earlier in the year, she visited orphanages in Abuja, were several items were distributed to the children.
More details and pics later


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