Goodluck Support Group canvasses care for elderly

The Women Affairs Director, Goodluck Support Group (GSG), Mrs Samanda Mohammed, has said that Nigeria’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) would increase if more capable old people and women were producing.
Mohammed, who said this in Abuja, noted that most succeeding economies had robust blueprints for able elderly people and widows to be producing goods or services.   
“Many industrialised economies have a high rate of contribution to their GDP coming from women and older members of the society that were still able to produce economic values.
“It is important for Nigeria to key into the strategies adopted by these advanced economies for our own national social and economic transformation,” she said.
She charged political parties in the country to make issues of empowerment of the elderly and women a pivotal part of their manifesto.
“Nigeria can rapidly belong to the league of industrialised economies if increased productive capacities of women to create wealth and engage in manufacturing were generated.
“We are happy with President Goodluck Jonathan’s administration’s affirmative action for women because we belief that such policy directive will always win elections.
“On our part, we will encourage the Jonathan’s administration to do more for the economic empowerment of the productive elderly people and women curtailed by culture and religious practices,” she said.
Meanwhile, an advocate for women economic rights and rights of the elderly in Nigeria, Mrs Ifeyinwa Obegolu, urged young people to always include care of their aged in their financial plans.
She said it was common in Nigeria for people not to have an inclusive economic projection that adequately catered for care of the older members of their families.
She noted that the care sub-sector, which included homes for the elderly and mentally retarded, was a potential revenue generation medium for government and a potential source of employment for health professionals.
“The care sub-sector in the healthcare delivery system of a developed economy has been known to contribute tremendously to the GDP of such society,” Obegolu said.


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