Bizzare: Stepfather cuts off 10-year-old boy’s hand and boils it

A Chinese man hacked off his stepson’s hand with a meat cleaver Tuesday before spitefully throwing it in boiling water so that it could never be reattached, police said.
Cheng Sun, 43, allegedly beat 10-year-old Xiao Jun with a stick after a row about money before grabbing the hatchet and smashing it down on his limb.
He then lobbed the bloody lump of flesh into a pot of water that had been left on the stove for their evening meal.
Doctors found Xiao Jun’s hand to be of no use, and the boy will require an artificial arm. His stepdad, who reportedly confessed to cops, now faces a lengthy prison term.
The Daily Mirror reports that Cheng had met Xiao’s mom, Xiao Shen, a year ago.
The couple, who lived in a rented apartment in Shenyang with the boy, were looking to buy a flat together.
The mother went to visit relatives to try borrowing some cash when she called Cheng to say there would be a delay with the money coming through.
The crane driver allegedly launched into a furious rage and attacked the boy. Afterward, he reportedly called cops to confess the crime.
He then took Xiao to the hospital, but doctors said it was too swelled-up to be of use and that the boy required an artificial arm. Cheng was arrested and now faces a lengthy prison term.

Read more: NY Daily


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