A Girl Cut Her Friend With A Blade For Snatching Her Sugar Daddy

A girl cuts her friend with a razor blade after she learnt her friend(neighbor) whom she introduced to her sugar daddy went behind her back to have sex with her sugar daddy this was disclosed by an eye witness at the scene said this occurred yesterday 17th,September at Inikpi street, High level ,Makurdi , Benue State at about 11 am .I did not upload it immediately due to the fact that i wanted to get the whole story first.

According to the eye witness , as the girl went to confront her friend and the whole issue blew out of hand.That led to the girl using a razor blade on her friend and like that was not bad enough some witness at the scene took laws into their hands by stripping the girl who cut her friend naked…Ouch!

All this just for a sugar daddy whom may have other more girls hidden or may have a wife and kids lol i called it “just” but it doesn’t seem like it was “just a sugar daddy” to this girls if they could risk their lives for him.

It was gathered from a reliable source, that at the scene of this disgraceful incidence was based on assumptions by witnesses and the fight did not erupt because the girl snatched her friends sugar daddy rather, it was because the girl bleeding from the cut insulted the other girls mother calling her an ashawo (prostitute). This led to this violent fiery argument and eventually assault on both feuding parties. The whole incidence was controversial and inhumane but some things were clear about the story ,two girls got into a heated argument, one was deeply cut by the other girl using a razor blade and passerby and witnesses took laws into their own hands by stripping the other girl naked and beating her




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